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Cellulite Reduction & Body Sculpting

Dr Shapiro on TriPollar treatments AAD 2012

RF in Medicine & Aesthetics

  • Radio Frequency (RF) has been used safely and effectively in medical settings for over 75 years
  • Over the past decade, RF has become the gold standard technology in aesthetic medicine
  • RF current heats skin tissue deep from within while protecting the epidermis
  • The extent of the clinical effect depends on the relative electrical resistance of the target tissue
  • RF technology has been used for:

– Skin tightening & rejuvenation

– Fat reduction & body sculpting

  • RF current flows between 3 electrodes (poles)
  • Penetration depth is controlled and limited to the treatment area ONLY

– (Mono-polar current flows unpredictably through entire body)

Cellulite Reduction

  • TriPollar RF is clinically and histopathologically proven to simultaneously and homogenously heat both superficial (Dermal) and deep (Hypodermal) layers
  • TriPollar RF current is focused under the poles resulting in:
  • – High power density – Immediate results visible from the 1st treatment and clinically proven long lasting results
  • – Low power consumption – No pain; patient report a very pleasant experience
  • – Frequency of 1MHz: safe and effective for collagen remodeling and fat cells treatment
  • – Bio-feedback control ensures maximum safety
  • – No need for skin cooling
  • – Suitable for all skin types and colors TriPollar® Key Advantages Immediate Visible Results From The First Treatment Tripollar RF is suitable for all skin types & colors. RF does not affect pigmentation No Pain.