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About Everything Laser ETQ Madispa

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal Laser ETQ Madi Spa is dedicated to complimenting your natural beauty in a tranquil environment…

What makes our therapies natural and why are they so effective?

Did you know that the technology we use in our esthetic and cosmetic therapies – from hair removal to skin rejuvenation to treating unwanted pigmentation of the skin – is the same technology used by Naturopaths in some of their treatments? This is because it completely respects and maintains a commitment to the Naturopathic Philosophy of stimulating the bodies natural and inherent processes and it does so by using simply LIGHT and HEAT energy.

It is a more advanced technology than others you may be familiar with like Laser and IPL for two main reasons…

  • It efficiently uses both a broad spectrum of light as well as heat energy to treat a broad area as opposed to Laser, which uses a single wavelength of light and excessive amounts of it. That excessive light energy converts to excessive heat in order to treat the area and can easily burn the patient if not done correctly
  • When it comes to hair removal, it effectively treats light hair on light skin AND dark hair on dark skin because it is not relying on solely light energy to “find” the hair by looking for melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle to focus the energy effectively.

So how does this benefit you?

Simplifying treatment, lowering costs, and increasing effectiveness.

LHE (Light & Heat Energy) therapy advances the science and technology by utilizing the DUAL energy pathways of light AND thermal (heat) energy. By using both light and thermal energy, the amount of energy required overall to achieve the desired effect is greatly reduced. This results in…

  • No need for cooling agents and gels
  • Shorter sessions, fast treatment
  • Reduced treatment sessions, overall
  • BONUS! Ability to treat any skin and hair color